About Us

Building the Bridges was founded by a local family who saw the need for assistance among members of nearby communities.

Our Vision

Our non-profit agency helps low- and reduced-income individuals and families to fulfill social services gaps through providing support services to provide food, housing, and community resourcing. Our programs specifically brings together various programs and provides additional resources to those residents.

We were founded in recognition of a gap in social services in our communities. As social services agencies tend to be county based, the agencies tend to focus on the City of Denton for Denton County and the City of McKinney for Collin County. Since many of the clients lack transportation resources and there is not a sufficient public transportation option, this leaves a gap as you get farther from those County seat locations along the border between Denton and Collin County, centered around the City of Little Elm.

As the community has continued to expand, the need for social service assistance has not been able to keep pace with the need in the community.

Our Goals

We strive to achieve the highest heights every single day.

Self-Sufficiency We can help community members reach a position where they can provide for themselves and their families.
Access to Resources We can connect people with the resources they need.
Quality Education We can provide students with assistance they need until they complete their education.
Food Security We can ensure that every person has food on the table.
Socially Connected We can provide avenues for connections and life-lasting friendships.

Our Mission

To provide social services resourcing for the cities of Little Elm, The Colony, and Aubrey as the border communities between Collin and Denton Counties (the Communities). This program will fill a gap in the availability of case management social services in the local area.

Meet Our Staff

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Noah Keck

Matthew Keck


Alex Keck

Alex Keck

Chief Financial Officer

Noah Keck

Noah Keck

Chief Information Officer

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Keri Keck

Executive Director

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Ella Keck

Vice-President of Media